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At the opening race of FIS Rollerski World Cup wins Alfio di Gregorio as well as the italian team. In women's race the success goes to Kelime Aydin from Turkey.

Bergamo 1st July 2006 FIS Rollerski World Cup weekend has started in Italy at Presolana in Alta Val Seriana (Bergamo). The Italian Team has demonstrated to be the nation to beat, thanks to the great performance of Alfio di Gregorio/ITA who wins the first race, the uphill race from Dorga resort to the mountain Monte Pora (7,8 km) in 27'47'' with a distance of 1'23'' to his team mate Valerio Theodule/ITA and 1'27'' to the third Italian Cristian Ivaldo/ITA. An Italian podium. Good race for another Italian (nordic skier) Bruno Carara/ITA , who has competed using his training rollerski (slower than the race one), who gets the fifth place al 12'' from the podium, anticipated by Nicolas Terrier/FRA. In between women's race a good surprise comes from Kelime Aydin/TUR in 35'42 in front of Valentina Kislukhina/RUS and Anna Rosa/ITA.

In Junior Race Glauco Pizzuto/ITA wins over Sebastian Bech/GER and Gabriele Caretta/ITA; in Junior women race German podium with Luis Wolf (1), Julia Kockritz (2) and Theres Wolf (3).


1 Alfio di Grogorio ITA 27'47"63 0

2 Valerio THEODULE ITA 29'11"55 1'23"92

2 Cristian IVALDO ITA 29'15"12 1'27"49


1 Glauco PIZZUTO ITA 31'09"81 0

2 Sebastian BECH GER 32'20"08 1'10"27

3 Gabriele CARETTA ITA 32'43"92 1'34"11


1 Kelime AYDIN TUR 35'42"55 0

2 Valentina KISLUKHINA RUS 35'53"49 10"94

3 Anna ROSA ITA 36'11"68 29"13


1 Luis WOLF GER 39'28"16 0

2 Julia KOCKRITZ GER 40'32"04 1'03"88

3 Therese WOLF GER 40'44"92 1'16"76


David Bogatec and Anna Rosa are the winners of the senior sprint race of Rollerski World Cup. In between Juniors success goes to Kenny Assan/GER and Julia Kockhritz/GER. And tomorrow the uphill skating race from Cerete resort to Onore resort, but also competing in the race the age group and rollerski fans.

Rovetta (BG) 1st July 2006. In the second race of FIS Rolerski World Cup set up for this weekend in Italy at Presolana in Alta Val Seriana (Bergamo), Italian and Germans get the best sprint results. On the track of di 150 m. on the border of two resorts, Rovetta and Fino Del Monte, the Italian and German Team win a 2x2, two races each. Italians in the Senior category, thanks to David Bogatec and Anna Rosa, who have won over another great rollerski team, Russia. Igor Glushov (2005 World Cup), and Marina Firsova.

Alfio di Gregorio (16th) is still the leader of the overall list of World Cup (241 p.), in front of two other Italians, David Bogatec (180 p.) e Simone Paredi (171 p.).

German leadership in junior category thanks to Kenny Assan (1) and Marcus Erler (2), and bronze goes to Glauco Pizzuto/ITA. German get podium with Julia Kochritz and Therese and Luis Wolf.

Sprint Overall List

Senior men

1 David Gogatec ITA

2 Igor Glushovo RUS

3 Alessio Berlanda ITA

Senior Women

1 Anna Rosa ITA

2 Marina Firsova RUS

3 Mateja Bogatec ITA

Junior Men

1 Kenny Assan GER

2 Marcus Erler GER

3 Glauco Pizzuto ITA

Junior Women

1 Julia Kockritz GER

2 Therese Wolf GER

3 Luis Wolf GER


Alfio Di Gregorio/ITA wins again in the second day of uphill race in free tecnique for FIS Rollerski World Cup over Kiziarslan/TUR. In women race Viviana Druidi/ITA wins over Anna Rosa/ITA and Kislushina/RUS.

With regards to the age group race nordic skier Fabio Maj has run the race telling rollerski experience at tv cameras of an Italian satellite tv.

Unione dei Comuni della Presolana (Bergamo - ITALY ) 2nd July 2006 - The flag for international rollerski are green, white and red, the coulors of Italy. In FIS Rollerski World Cup held this first weekend of July in the mountain resorts of Presolana, Italians have demonstrated their sport value.

Starting from Alfio di Gregorio/ITA, who dominates the senior uphill race in free technique of 6 km (from Cerete Basso village to Onore village), since the first meters, with a distance of almost 29 seconds from Muhammet Kiziarslan/TUR. Third place in senior race to Simone Paredi/ITA with 45 seconds of distance from his captain.

With regards to women senior race success goes to Viviana Druidi/ITA in sprint on the finish line with teammate Anna Rosa/ITA with just few centimeters of difference, third place to Valentina Kislushina/RUS at only 4 seconds from the winner.

In Juniors race Glauco Pizzuto/ITA wins in his category over Sebastian Bach/GER and the third place goes to Stefano Paganessi/ITA. Sprint arrive for women's category,won by Julia Kockritz/GER over Solange Chabloz/ITA and Therese Wolf/GER.

Side event of Presolana FIS Rollerski World Cup 2006 organized by PromoeventiSport together with ski clubs of Lissone, Colere and Rovetta, the Presolana Skiroll Day promotional event won by Andrea Stella/ITA (ex rollerski national athlete) over Pietro Broggini/ITA (cross country junior world champion more then 10 year ago ). Kezia D'Incal wins the women category over Marta Sironi/ITA. At the start allined also Fabio Maj who has participated in a unique way, special guest and speaker attending himself the race. Through his microphone he has tell the race and the rollerski world to the television cameras throughout the entire competition.

The Presolana FIS Rollerski World Cup 2006 is now over. An exciting experience for the Organizing Committee coordinated by Giovanni Bettineschi of PromoeventiSport, which has allowed to fix the organization for next year great sport event, FIS Rollerski World Championships 2007 set up from 30th August to 2nd Septmeber 2007.

Rollerski athletes will rest for a month and then we'll meet them again at next World Cup in Yaroslav, Russia from 4th to 6th August, with Italians who would like to confirm their leadership, as this event also assigns the European titles.

Herewith the top ten list, the overall list is available as well as the digital images at the following website: http://www.cometapress.com/public/public/comunicates.asp?IDE=60


1 DI GREGORIO Alfio ITA 14.19.67

2 KIZILARSLAN Muhammet TUR + 28.69

3 PAREDI Simone ITA + 45.05

4 BIANCHI Eugenio ITA + 48.72

5 PERRIER Nicolas FRA + 55.46

6 GRIP Rikard SWE + 1.00.49

7 GLUSHKOV Igor RUS + 1.16.54

8 ANDERSSON Johan SWE + 1.21.78

9 THEODULE Valerio ITA + 1.22.32

10 HOFMAN Maurits NED + 1.23.55


1 DRUIDI Viviana ITA 18.24.59

2 ROSA Anna ITA + 2.40

3 KISLUKHINA Valentina RUS + 3.90

4 SEPPAS Hanna SWE + 6.07

5 EKTOVA Elena RUS + 39.85


1 PIZZUTTO Glauco ITA 16'25.43

2 BECH Sebastian GER + 2.25

3 PAGANESSI Stefano ITA + 24.31

4 CARETTA Gabriele ITA + 43.38

5 KAISER Sten GER + 58.09


1 KOCKRITZ Julia GER 19.42.49

2 WOLF Theres GER + 1.14

3 CHABLOZ Solange ITA + 1.61

4 WOLF Luis GER + 44.22